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Costa Del Sol

Can you believe that the Costa del Sol extends along Spain’s southern coastline for more than 150 kilometres? Blessed with over 120 beautiful beaches, several buzzing with activity, while others are peaceful and secluded, fringed by natural lush vegetation. Steep mountain ranges impose a formidable backdrop and stand proud, acting as silent

During the 8th century, bullfighting in Spain was introduced around 711 AD, and the tradition formed part of their then gladiator games. It was also morbidly known as the ‘funeral games’ usually always ending in a fight to the death. Nowadays Spaniards don’t consider bullfighting a sport, but rather an ancient

Home to far more than 2,500 castles, Spain’s ancestors were certainly kept busy over the last 12 centuries! If you take the time to delve into their history, interesting and painful facts about these Castles and their previous inhabitants begin to unfold, inciting emotions that you can resonate with. Alcazar

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