Imagine a 5000km coastline of soft, sandy beaches, warm sun kissing your skin, and turquoise hues of clear water as far as the eye can see!

Along with an enormous variety of experiences, this is one of the biggest reasons that still makes Spain an incredibly sought-after destination on the Mediterranean and continues to attract luxury home seekers and tourists from all over the world!

Spain’s temperate weather and sunshine over 300 days per year, remains a major motive for all who visit this vibrant country, and having the opportunity to bask in the sun and swim all year round, is truly therapeutic!

With its forgiving climate, an array of sports and activities are enjoyed throughout the year. To name but a few attractions available, feel free to partake in the lively festivals, abound with energetic flamenco dancers, or walk along the never-ending promenades, and breathe in the ocean breeze. Relish in the beautiful scenery, marvel at the stunning mountain ranges, or lose yourself in the psychedelic world of surrounding fauna and flora in Spain’s numerous National Parks. 

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Offering the splendours of a historical city, Madrid has always been a draw card for tourists and is undoubtedly an absolute must to see! With a multitude of architectural themes cast in stone, prepare to marvel at the beautifully crafted buildings and palaces, or admire the masterpieces in art museums.

In the evenings, the streets are always filled with life and cheerful chatter, so feel the vibe and meander between the bars and local restaurants. Spanish cuisine never fails to give your taste buds a treat, so why not savour a few of their delectable dishes available, or tuck into a traditional, well prepared paella?

Over the years, many expats have chosen to call Spain their home and it is not difficult to understand why.

Here are some of the reasons:
– A good quality of life at a lower cost of living, which is what most people seek.
– Clean, fresh air and diligently cared for surroundings.
– Excellent healthcare, rated among the best in the world.
– low crime rate, considered one of the safest places in the world.
– A diverse and fascinating history, with many architectural masterpieces.
– Known for their love of food, flavoursome gourmet meals are created and derived from a multitude of cultures. 

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