Design your dream home

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Have you ever dreamed of designing your own dream home? With Nohara Estates you can!

There are no limits! Whatever your ideas are, crazy or not, we are here to make them a reality just for you! While discussing all the exciting options, together with our team of proficient architects,
This is how it unfolds: –

With Nohara Estates we do not have to tell you if it is possible, it is!
Of course, you already know that we have exceptional professional and experienced individuals in our team at your disposal, just waiting to be part of helping you create that home you always think about.

We are enamoured to work with you through the construction and design you picture, and right from the start, we take the time to learn who you are, what drives you, and how you want to create each section of your home, and all the nitty gritty details that are ultimately important to you! We also need you to get to know us, our ethics, and principles, and of course to realise just how fascinated we are about your specific visions.

To us, building a rapport with you is paramount! Once we understand your requirements and needs, our architects and design spend valuable time creating a tailored design proposal for you. The preliminary design includes sketches that evolve into a complimentary layout that your home will comprise of.

When the harmony and flow of your home feels right for you, we develop construction-grade documents and 3D videos that show you every tiny detail of your new home and afford us the ability to estimate building costs plus giving you all the information required to begin building your very own personally crafted masterpiece!

The design process is a communicative partnership between you and us. Since we are committed to giving you a design that exceeds your expectations, once you decide upon a mutual partnership, we waive the design proposal fee for you. How awesome is that!

For numerous years now, Nohara Estates has worked closely with reputable and virtuous construction companies. We are immensely proud to announce that we undoubtedly offer you the home you want, built according to your desires. You decide your own floor plan, designs, choice of tiles, style of kitchen, underfloor heating, interior design, and everything else that your heart desires. 

Many times, the purchase of a home off-plan means buying from a drawing. We, at Nohara Estates offer so much more than that and give you the feel for your home through 3D renderings, construction oversight and continuous communication, amongst a multitude of other things. 

Benefits of buying property through us:
1. So much more personal than you ever imagined
2. Everything is new and fresh, the fixtures, furniture, appliances, plus garden enhancements
3. High standards beyond comprehension, in every aspect
4. Payment Terms
5. Planning your move smoothly and with ease