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Nohara Estates Team

Nohara Estates Spain is an exclusive, enthusiastic group of property specialists who provide all relevant services tailored to suit to each one of our discerning clients regarding their individual specifics. Our Purchasers are exceptionally important to us. We prefer taking the time to engage and understand the exact vision and clarity of all your requirements. With inherent confidence in our professionalism and collective knowledge of the necessary procedures, we feel it is essential in taking the time to develop a rapport between us, giving you the ultimate experience in finding your perfect home.

We are an established and registered Estate Agency in Spain, with over 20 years in the property business and we are immensely proud of our team offering over 40 years of combined experience in the international property market. Our crew incorporates people from all parts of the world, giving us the edge to converse with you comfortably in English, Spanish and Swedish. Whether you are interested in a family home, holiday villa, or property investment, we are here to provide you with the foremost options in our portfolio, ideally suited to your desires.

Our inventory comprises of prestigious luxury real estate through to compact homes and each one is equally important. We provide the same professionalism, dedication, and conviction no matter where your interests lie. Rest assured that we do not compromise in our pursuit to find you the right property. Our credibility and continued after sales attention have afforded us the luxury of maintaining extremely satisfied clients.

Enrique Portuondo has more than 35 years of experience in the real estate sector, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. A born leader, he knows how to surround himself with the right people, to teach and motivate them to make any project a success. He is a lieutenant in the Royal Thirds of Spain, Italy and Flanders. He holds the Spanish noble title of Count of Santa Inés.

Enrique Portuondo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

+34 918 264 990

Alfonso has extensive oral communication and teamwork skills, as well as a fast learning capacity and is a hard-working and involved person.
He has been with Nohara Estates Spain since its inception and is a key member of the team. He is the person in charge of franchisee relations and his coordination with the new franchisees joining Nohara Estates Spain is one of the most important jobs for the Company.

Alfonso Garzón

Responsible of Franchisees

+34 918 264 990

David is our Financial Director, an economist specialized in international business. Ambitious and hard-working, with a proven track record in international real estate projects, exports and investments. In addition to being in charge of the financial management of the company, his analytical skills will be of great help to our clients and investors, to whom he will provide financial advice.

David González

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Javier is a restless and energetic guy, who is always willing to lend a hand. He has studied graphic design and telecommunications engineering. He is in charge of digital marketing and social networks. He loves all team sports, especially basketball and football and is a fan of new technologies. Javier is, together with Pepe, the right person to promote and to show the company's values.

Javier Guijarro

Community Manager

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José (Pepe) combined the study of two careers simultaneously, Business Administration and Law, and a master's degree in Sales Management and Digital Marketing. Passionate about Marketing and social networks, team player, responsible and hardworking. Demonstrates great dedication and effort, and willingness to learn, to achieve the objectives in his work. He manages Digital Marketing together with his partner Javier.

José Dalli

Digital Marketing Manager

+34 918 264 990

Gabriel is a very hard-working person who wants to achieve the best results for the company. He is also a very energetic person with exceptional work values. He studied Business Administration and Management and was able to get a job at Nohara Estates. He is considered as the main responsible specialized in accounting and taxation of the company.

Gabriel Gómez

Accounting and Finance

+34 918 264 990

Alejandro graduated in business administration and management, master in international business. sales coordinator, leads the team to the best version of themselves. Very professional when it comes to managing clients and his team. Passionate about his work and excited to continue growing at Nohara Estates Spain.

Alejandro Palmero

Sales Coordinator

+34 918 264 990

As an experienced sales manager, Gonzalo has built new businesses across industries, countries, and professional environments, leading multiple client service–related projects, as well as delivering quantifiable value, all while establishing long-term and trusted relationships. Responsible for developing and overseeing the creation and execution of company expansion & corporate affair strategies into new markets.

Gonzalo Del Río

Head of Business Expansion & Sales

+34 918 264 990

Eduardo is a fourth year student of electronic and automatic engineering. Sales coordinator, always willing to teach and lead his team to be the most competitive in the industry. Professional when dealing with customers and his team, attentive and friendly to generate professional relationships. Determined and willing to work to bring Nohara Estates Spain to the top.

Eduardo Palacín

Sales Coordinator

+34 918 264 990

Thanks to my legal background, it is easy for me to analyze large volumes of information in short periods of time, I have had the opportunity to develop an ability to interact with potential clients, as I like to expand my knowledge and learn new things, especially where I can use my creativity. I want to be the key player in the modernization and internationalization of companies in all sectors. Today we want to lead the transformation of our clients. Always at the forefront, committed to results.

Roberto Galindez

Legal Advisor

+34 918 264 990